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 Setup Time

For all ViridWeb Dedicated servers the setup time 2 Hours to 3 Days (Usually within 24 Hours)

 Payment methods

All our services are paid for in advance.How to pay for ViridWeb's services? We accept payments via credit cards and customer's balance via PayPal. We use PAYZA payment gateway for regions where our customers don't have Paypal We...

 Install Attracta SEO cPanel Plugin on your WHM

You can Install and allow user to use Attracta SEO service by this tutorial=======================================Install Attracta SEO cPanel Plugin on your WHM======================================= Login with your root ID and Password...

 How to Install Cloudlinux on CentOS 6/7

==========================================Cloudlinux OS Installation==========================================1. Install CentOS 6/7 on your Dedicated Server 2. Login with your root ID and Password3. Now you have to Change hostname...

 How to Install cPanel/WHM on CentOS 6/7 or CloudLinux

If you want to install cPanel on Cloudlinux then please check our Cloudlinux installation tutorial or you can simply install cPanel on your CentOS server.==========================================cPanel/WHM...