Here is a brief overview of Operating systems and their benefits

Note: Requesting too many OS reinstallation on a single month for a single server will be consider as Abuse

Made available for your Dedicated Linux Servers are the following free-Linux Operating Systems for executing installation: has a large selection of Operating systems. Just find the best version for you and order a low-cost server running on latest operating systems.
We also offer you Unlicensed Windows OS, So you can use your own license and don't need to pay for that.

Debian 7.0 - 64 Bit


Debian GNU/Linux is a proven community distribution that is entirely based on Open Source. Debian offers a superior management package, on a stable and easy to install software. The software’s configuration is almost entirely done through the configuration files. For more information, click here

CentOS 6/7 – 64 Bit


The CentOS project has its goal, an enterprise distribution from Red Hat 100% compatible Linux environment. Manufacturers of professional Closed-Source applications on Linux usually offer their Red Hat products on a CentOS system, which are easily used. For important system configuration, command line tools are offered. For more information, click here

openSUSE 13.1 – 64 Bit


The development of SUSE-Linux began in the mid 90’s, known as the most popular Linux distribution on the German market. openSUSE is a community project, pushing the development forward. Thus, openSUSE offers a good insight for the future’s professional Linux distributions. Along with YaST, openSUSE offers a central configuration tool, not found on other distributions. For more information, click here

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS – 64 Bit


Ubuntu from Canonical, is a supported and developed Linux distribution that aims to make it easier to configure and keep Debian up-to-date. Should you not find help on the open Ubuntu community, Canonical also offers professional support. For more information, click here

Windows Server

Device also offers dedicated servers with Windows Operating System. The Web Edition with the Internet Information Services (IIS) brings all necessary prerequisites to successfully operate web hosting. Even for Windows, you can order the Admin Tool-Plesk for your Dedicated Root Server to manage your web spaces with the associated E-mail accounts and databases. The Standard Edition allows you to use the built-in services in Windows, i.e. to operate either an active directory or virtualization with Hyper-V.

Windows License cost 30.00 € per month (Trial OS also available if you have legit license)