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ViridWeb's Terms Of Service

This is a legally binding policy representing ViridWeb’s Terms of Service ("TOS") in its entirety and supersedes any other oral or written agreement. These policies define the terms of service for a customer when they are using any services of ViridWeb.

Any person using our services is bound by these terms of service. Any service purchased from us expressly implies that the customer has agreed to the terms of service listed herewith this document.


“We”, “Us”, “ViridWeb”, “Our” and / or “ViridWeb” is the hosting service provider and maybe called by any one of these names. “You”, “Your”, “Client”, “Customer” and / or “Member” is the person or person’s representative who purchases hosting service(s) from ViridWeb.

Acceptable Usage Policy

  • ● Content uploaded, stored, emailed or transmitted by clients on our servers must not contain any files which violate local and international laws and treaties. This includes but is not limited to storage, upload, email, transmission or any means of making available works of copyrighted videos, music, games, templates and softwares.
  • ● Customers who store and / or upload child pornography will have their servers suspended immediately without any warnings / notices. We will also hand over all your personal details to the authorities for legal recourse. Any activity which creates hatred against minors or which hurts the sentiments of minors is banned.
  • ● Customers may not run websites which spread hatred, threaten people, indulge in illegal activities like hacking etc.
  • ● Customers may not run websites which spread anti-national sentiments, degrade opposite races, sex etc.
  • ● Customers may not run or administer IRC bots or its clients.
  • ● Customers may not use our servers for illegal streaming or CDN services.
  • ● Customers may not use our servers to offer or run any web proxy services which hide the origin of network traffic.
  • ● Customer agrees not to post incorrect information in new groups and boards in violation of their terms. We reserve the right to terminate your services if any news group or service providers contact us about the violation.
  • ● Customers agree to use only licensed softwares to run their operations. Customers are free to use trial and open source softwares. Use of nulled / cracked softwares is not allowed and such usage can lead to termination of services.
  • ● Customers may not run unauthorized scripts or softwares on our servers which can harm the equipment affecting the service and equipment.
  • ● Customers may not send Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) or Denial of Service attacks to others using our servers. This will lead to immediate termination without any refund settlement. ViridWeb have the right to claim fees from such defaulters to set right the loss caused to affected party. If the affected party takes a legal recourse, customer details would be shared with the court of law if a legal request is received by ViridWeb.
  • ● Customers may not send / store malicious scripts / cookies etc.
  • ● Customers may not impersonate any person or entity.
  • ● Customers may not upload, post, email, transmit or otherwise make available any unsolicited or unauthorized advertising using promotional materials like "Junk mail," "spam," "chain letters," or "pyramid schemes". We may require the customers to prove that the email receivers have opted in to the list.
  • ● Customers may not in any activity which is deemed illegal by laws. ViridWeb can its discretion deem any activity illegal if it is affecting its service, network, other customers, service providers and / or outsiders due to the action of a customer. This can lead to termination of services.

Spam Policy

Customers may not use our services for spamming activities / sending unsolicited emails / requests. If found doing so, we have the right to terminate customer account without any prior notification and no refund would be issued.

Content Storage And Account Security

At all times, the customer bears the full responsibility of contents stored on ViridWeb’s servers. Any loss of content due to any reason is customer’s responsibility. We strongly urge the customers to take regular back-ups of their servers to ensure peace of mind and minimize losses.

The security of your account with ViridWeb rests upon you as a customer. You must keep your password unique and must not share it with anybody else. If you notice anything wrong with your account / servers, immediately contact our support team and we’ll see what we can do about it.

You as a customer are solely responsible for any actions taken by your account and for the content stored on our servers by you. You agree to bear any charges which ViridWeb may have to incur to make good the losses caused by your actions.

ViridWeb does not undertake any obligations to provide servers management or security services unless the customer has requested them in advance by paying for them separately. Any help required from our technical team must be requested via ticket system which can be found in your client area.

The customer agrees to:

  • ● Prevent any losses or damages to your content.
  • ● Maintain backup copies of the content stored on the server.
  • ● Ensure security, confidentiality and the integrity of your account and any contents stored / transmitted through the servers.
  • ● Customers have to submit cancellation notice before the due date for his/her service if the service not needed anymore. Otherwise the invoice will remain unpaid and all other services of the customer will suspended too.

Copyright Policy / DMCA Policy

We respect the rights of copyright holders and follow the efficient notice and takedown procedure.

All Copyright takedown requests must be e-mailed to along with ownership proof / proof of rights holding or Send the hardcopy of this proofs to us directly to our Phisycal address. The request must also contain the clear details of infringer of rights and contact details of copyright owners / their agents. Once a request is validated, We will send notices to the server holder and request to remove the contain. ViridWeb would immediately take down such content and could also disable access to the server containing such content if the notice ignored.

Server owners having lawful rights to such mistakenly removed content can contact along with proofs to file their counter notification.

Repeated infringers can have their accounts suspended without prior notice.

Amendments To Terms Of Services

ViridWeb may, without prior notice amend this agreement from time to time and will do so by posting the new agreement on the ViridWeb websites in place of the old agreement. Each and every such amendment shall be become effective immediately for all pre-existing and future accounts. If any material modification to this agreement is unacceptable to the customer it shall be customer's responsibility to terminate his/her subscription. If the customer does not terminate the agreement within 10 days of the material modification, then customer's continued use will mean that customer has accepted the amended or modified agreement and the agreement is in full force and effect.

For our Payment, Refund, Chargeback related Terms please visit our Refund-Policy Page.