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What is DDoS?

DDoS is an abbreviation for the English name distributed denial-of-service and is far more dangerous than an ordinary denial of service attack. DDoS attacks often take out Web server or entire networks. During a DDoS attack a website or an entire network are attacked by multiple computers at the same time. A failure of the server is mostly the consequence. Typically, DDoS attacker try to overload the access link, the firewall resources and, or the Web and database servers.

To demonstrate how a DDoS attack can affect the reality we use following example. A customer rent a dedicated server, which is not equipped with DDoS protection. He want to open an online store and built his shop based on a dedicated web server. His project polarized and win directly a lot of customers. In the meantime the owner earn many profit. It worked until his server connection unexpectedly showed interference and ultimately the entire network was paralyzed, so that the entire web server went offline. The owner contacted immediately the hosting providers because the entrepreneur cannot generate his turnover. His Hoster put him on notice that his server was attacked by a DDoS attack and his server was not equipped against such attack.

Result: Due to the large DDoS attack and the non-existent dedicated server with DDoS protection, his shop was not reachable for several hours so that the entrepreneur could not generate any additional turnover and thus had to forfeit losses.

How does the DDoS protection works on a dedicated server from viridweb?

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Thanks to the DDoS Protection the detection of an attack on a root server of, and the analysis of the related traffic data is quickly. The traffic is adjusted by a cluster of filter systems, which is then transmitted to your server. When an attack from anti-DDoS program is detected, you will receive an email with the necessary information. First, gives you the e-mail the information that an attack took place and this was recognized then you will also be informed what IP address was attacked.

Subsequently, the filtering of traffic is carried. Once an attack is over, you will receive a notification e-mail from us. In this e-mail are further information contained, such as an extract of the detected traffic.

DDoS Protection Dedicated Server

How can I protect my server from a DDoS attack?

The DDoS protection which each dedicated server is equipped with for free, can prevent DDoS attacks from outside. At the moment the DDoS protection can just capture attacks up to a limited size. That’s why in case of an extremely large attack is, despite the DDoS protection, a cut-off of the attacked IP address still possible. To set the security of the servers on the peak, your Viridweb team is working pressurised to optimize the DDoS protection step by step.

Note: Only few selected locations have Free DDoS Protection included. Check before order a server.